Triplesign Trivision Wall-mounted

The Triplesign Trivision is a new generation dynamic three-message signs base on new innovations and latest technology development

POP Maxi

Triplesign Trivision POPMaxi


is the product for premium large and medium size outdoor media companies and premium retail groups. Perfect locations are the central areas of city's and shopping centers. Today is still the Scroller technology most used in this locations .



The POP MAXI is targeting the market segment of clients demanding a reliable, cost efficient and enviromental friendly alternative for medium size signs in city locations.Paper Posting The POP MAXI is developed for both outdoor paper poster as blue back material and other outdoor poster medias as polyester and coated PVC. For enviromental reason we recommend paper posting. Please note that non coated PVC-material or other low quality material can be deformed in the sign, due to high temperature inside cabinett generated by sunlight.


Lowest power consumtion on the market due, patent drive mechanism technology, latest LED technology and supreme electronic componets from leading western supliers. For example has the electronic control system zero stand by power consumption. In a life cycle analys the reliablity of the sign and the long life time keeps polution from service cars and installation to a minimum. Finally the low power consumption of the system enables cost efficent solutions for Eco Technolgy as Solar and Wind power. The sign will be a zero energy system. This is the future technolgy and an important benchmark for city community policy concerning enviromental friendly signage.



The patent Technology of a Triplesign which enables planed service every fifth year including exchange of active components instead of unplanned and increased maintenance over the time. The time will pass but your Triplesign will remain.Cost Efficient Low investment compared to Scrolling signs, lowest power consumtion, low maintenance cost and low cost message change systems make POP MAXI to the most efficient system for most City locations.


Product features

The size range is from 2 sq m to 8 sq m signs. Standard sizes are; 3x1,5M, 3x2M, 3x2,4M and 3,2x2,4M.

POP MAXI CI ( Cabinett Illuminated ) Frame in anodized aluminium, timer to adjust display time, back panel in aluminium, mounting-kit, 5 Meter external cable. Door cabinet is including: frame in anodiszd aluminium in standard ral colour 9006 silver, internal LED-illumination, 2 gas springs, locking device and, tempered glass. Triplesign Advanced Control ( TAC ) is included. Power consumption at rotation 42-60W incl. illumination. Power consumption at stand by is zero, when illumination is off. Light sensor available as extra.

POP MAXI B (Basic) The Basic system is a low investment system for medium size locations indoor. The system has no cabinet and no internal illumination. The system has a flexible design front frame which easy can be changed so that color, material or shape can be adopted to the design of the interior. Standard for the front frame is anodized aluminium Silver Ral 9006. Included is: signframe in anodized alumium, timer to adjust display time and 5 meter external cable. Power consumption at rotation 12-13W. Power consumption at stand by is zero.

Available with message change systems: Alusolid, Aluquick and Cardboard.


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