Wall mounted XP

Wall mounted XP

Triplesign Trivision Outdoor/Billboard products - Moving media advertising

Product strategy

The Triplesign target is to offer the the best tree-message signs based on market development. Therefore is our strategy to develop the technology through innovations in the areas of reliability, cost-efficiency, assortment and Eco-technology.

Triplesign Trivision XP

Triplesign XP is Triple Sign System AB’s product line for large-format three-message signs even called Trivision signs. The XP-line is often the first choice when it comes to outdoor/billboard applications

The image area is built up from extruded prisms mounted in a well designed anodized aluminum frame. Quality components guarantee the highest possible reliability and long life. A smooth movement of the drive mechanism enables lower power consumption and less maintenance then other alternatives on the market. The sign is suitable for all types of conditions and locations from the snowstorms in Scandinavia to the Sirocco winds of Africa.